7 Ways You Can Help Keep Employee Passion Alive in Your Company

how to keep employee passion alive

Starting a new job often begins with a blissful honeymoon phase, in which someone’s best work is consistently produced. Inevitably, this comes to an end sooner or later, when the flaws of the job gradually start to reveal themselves, and it’s natural that an employee’s passion may fade away once they’re comfortable.

When business owners fail to recognise that the flames of passion need to be reignited, they are likely to see an overwhelmed, bored and exhausted workforce, which inevitably invites the possibility of increased employee turnover. Since it’s no secret how expensive it is to find, hire and onboard a new member of staff, it makes a good deal of sense for managers and owners to understand how to spot the signs of passion fatigue and ultimately how to keep the embers glowing.

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Passion Fatigue

Fear of Failure – If your employees are more preoccupied with the consequences of making a mistake as opposed to taking a risk and learning from it, there’s a problem. It’s important to embrace failure as a means of learning, almost to the point of celebrating it.

Withheld Information – If you find that a small group of high-ranking employees are the only one’s privy to essential department information, such as financials, objectives, and performance evaluations, you should be concerned. This information should be available to all so that everyone is entirely aware of the company direction. 

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