Generally doing any traditional martial art would be beneficial to youths depending on the art. In our school we emphasize that it is not about fighting it is about self-defense; in addition to various other benefits such as discipline, respect, self-control, improving coordination, balance, speed, strengths, flexibility as well as overall health, wellness, and a positive way of life.

Filipino Kali is universally known as a functional effective fighting art; in fact most branches of military and law enforcement across the US teach some type of Kali as part of their combat training.

Due to the fact that Kali actually works, there is an impression that it is only a type of street MMA training which is untrue! Our Kali is a functional combat art but also a traditional art that teaches ethics, morality, philosophy, and culture.

We provide the kids with effective skills so they don’t have to fight unless it is absolutely necessary! We teach them how to read intent, body language, how to detect the beginning of an attack, estimate and anticipate the possibility of a weapon present or being used, and group mentality vs. individual behavior. In most cases youth would not even have to use their Kali techniques, their increased awareness and strong presence would deter many possible attacks.

With violence more common in today’s society, the ability to defend oneself gives kids and parents more confidence and peace of mind. We simply teach our Kali kids how to deal with real life confrontation and how not to be a target or a victim. In situations where they have to fight, mastering a functional effective art like Kali that has been battle tested and is still being used today by the military and law enforcement gives them the opportunity to successfully protect themselves.

Naturally, these benefits also apply to adults; however developing these attributes early in life contributes to a healthier and more positive adulthood. That’s why it’s even more important to get youth into a training program now.

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